Las Vegas, Nevada

I just got back to California from spending two weeks in Las Vegas. It felt surprisingly good to land in Las Vegas. Even though it was extremely hot I view Vegas differently now, having lived there for a few years. It didn’t feel like a vacation or some type of place to go for parties and drinking it felt a bit like a home away from home. So many places, sounds, smells and people are so familiar now it feels nice to return on occasion. This was my first time back since my move back to Cali and couldn’t wait to catch up with friends. We swam at their places on the strip, did a little shopping, and ate some good food. It was a nice trip. Getting up in the morning and having coffee together are the small things I miss most. I miss my friends.

One night we all got together. And over a bottle of wine one of our girlfriends who still works at the Stripclub filled us in on all the new things that have been happening. So much drama since I’ve worked there just a few short months ago. Not surprising but still juicy. Let me fill you in. #realstriplife


Hot Pilates

I am still on a hunt for a job. I have had two interviews and one today. I haven’t been working for about 2 1/2 months now so maybe I shouldn’t be so picky but nothing has felt right so far. Once I do get something though I will make sure I put my everything into doing well within the company for goals I’ve set for a long time career.

Before I moved to Las Vegas I occasionally went to hot Bikram Yoga with my stepmom. I used to love it but did it very seldom. Since I’ve been back her and my sister have been encouraging me to go to something similar Hot Pilates. I finally went this morning at 5:45 a.m. I absolutely loved it. The teacher is a good friend of my stepmom and actually came to Vegas once for a visit. She was so upbeat and encouraging it really helped get me thru the class for my first time. I can’t wait to start doing it weekly. It is nice to start your day off with fresh blood flow early in the morning.

Being home is great. But there are a lot of things I miss about Las Vegas. I miss the golf courses, restaurants, breakfast with girlfriends, slot machines at the Wynn and the overall experience the strip will bring on the occasional days I wanted to shop. I’ve decided to return in a couple of weeks. I will be there for about 10 days. I am even considering visiting the Stripclub I was working at– that’ll be very interesting. #realstriplife

Growing Up — Gilroy Gardens, Golf, Garlic and Outlets

I am sitting at a Starbucks in Gilroy, California. I came here this morning to golf at a beautiful Country Club in garlic town. The golf course had great reviews, the country club a delicious restaurant and views worth driving down for. It was a nice day but after I decided to stay and visit the outlets. I also wanted to go pick up a book at the local Barnes and Noble. I enjoyed my day here along with having small memories of my adolescent years come to mind.

My mom had moved my sisters and I out here to Gilroy while we were younger. It was extremely short lived, I believe she only had the house for about a year. But we really learned our way around. I had a job even at a restaurant for a little so I got to know a lot of people. My mom took us frequently to the Gilroy Gardens, back then known as Bonfonte Gardens– we always had a good time. As I got older I started going with my girlfriends to the Gilroy Garlic Festival in the summer; my favorite thing to have believe it or not was the garlic ice cream. Driving down Church street from the country club to Hecker Pass I had my windows rolled down and I could smell the fresh garlic. It brought back so many memories. It made me think of early mornings when we would get up to go to school and the garlic smelled the strongest.

Spending the day in Gilroy I really got a feeling of how fast life is passing by. The memories are so clear and vivid yet I have done so much since then and it feels like forever ago. I have lived in Europe, graduated from college, lived in Las Vegas, became a godmother and now living back in California. So many people wait for life to start that they forget to live. I have tried to do the opposite and be as active as possible doing as much as I can and appreciating all the little things. I think that is why I want to travel so much. I know there are so many places and people, cultures and foods and want to see it all. I want to learn, grow and enjoy everything I can. Las Vegas gave me a lot, the stories I have of the stripclub and people who were in and out of that place are worth going back to. Lets start…. #realstriplife

San Francsico in May

My good friend in Vegas told me after she stopped working at the Stripclub ( about 5 months before me) she was so busy. She explained how you’d be surprised that after you stop working you still manage to fill your day with so much to do. She has a son so I thought that was the main reason, but now that I am back in California and not working I am so busy. I help with my two young siblings two days a week and every other day I am either catching up my sisters– all my family is here. I have been golfing and yes working on my resume and looking for a job. My mom is also getting married in August so we have so much planning and preparing to do.

It feels great being home. Yesterday I was in San Francisco getting one of my bags fixed. I  returned it to Barney’s who will need to send it to the New York Store. I love going and looking at all the newest bags, shoes and clothes that have come out for the season. After I turned in my bag I went and grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading back home. I love SF, I love the buildings, the architecture and all the people running around in a rush. There’s just something about being home, something safe about it. But I will admit no matter where in the world I am I have that itch, that itch to travel and see something new. #realstriplife

Final Stop


Europe was amazing per usual, but I mean does anyone ever expect anything less when traveling across the pond? Every experience I’ve had in Europe has been so memorable I crave the day I can go back as soon as I return to the states. However, this time the whole trip seems like a complete blur with everything transpiring so fast. When I left I didn’t even have time to change from the clothes I wore on the flight. I went straight to a hotel with my sister, ate dinner at the casino cafe and went to bed. The next morning we drove 10 1/2 long hours to California. I don’t know what I would’ve done without my sister.

Now I am here in California and it feels so incredible. But everything has happened so fast. I played a round of golf yesterday and it finally hit me that the days I have been counting down upon for my move have finally arrived. I was standing at the 6th hole on the top of a mountain looking out at the beautiful view feeling so happy. The day was hot but the California cool wind was something I will always know, love and appreciate. It’s crazy I am finally home. I have finally reached my final stop. #realsriplife


I love my iphone. I love all of its features and its user friendly applications. I love the style, text, color; I even like the way it feels in my hand. Being that I travel more often than not, it is extremely useful that on any wifi network my cell phone works well. It is great for calling my friends in Europe and when I am away I can always contact my family and friends back home. However, I never considered how many people would be contacting me after I left the Gentlemans club. I thought I was going to leave Las Vegas with time to reflect and leave it all behind. But I can understand as to why since my absence went without saying but it’s some who surprised me. I feel like it is the ones I did not talk to as much at work or who barely knew me that are the most concerned with my being gone. One girl has text me just about everyday asking how I am and where and what I am going to do. Sometimes I am not even responding and the following day I’ll hear from her again. Its endearing yet strange.

Being in Europe is like my home away from home– living here that short while about 5 years ago was some of the best times of my life. I actually came, apart from visiting friends, because I was going to become a Godmother. I was asked to even be in the room so I could watch my beautiful goddaughter come into the world. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. I boarded my plane in Las Vegas with a text from my friend saying she was going into labor and that I should try and go straight to the hospital. I panicked and knew it would only be hours before she was born. I was anxious the entire flight but felt automatically relieved when I was greeted by my friends brother at the airport. He took me all the way to the hospital with still an hour to spare. I was able to be there for the most horrendous and painful hour of my friends labor with the most beautiful thing to come– seeing my goddaughter come into the world.

 Everything is coming together. Yes, my last few weeks were stressful but with working my last night, getting on the flight right away and making it here for this nothing could be more special to me. It was a miracle I made it and seeing this beautiful baby and having her in my life I feel so blessed. I get to spend a few more days here and I look forward to some cafes, dinners and shopping at a very nice baby store here. I actually want to bring some of it back for someone very special to me. The store just opened in New York and Miami– other than that you can only get the brand in Europe. And you most definitely wont be able to get this precious baby gear in Las Vegas or California… yet. #realstriplife


Last Night at Work

It has been a few days since I worked my last shift at the Stripclub. It feels good but I don’t think that I have even fully processed everything. I worked my last night, went home and packed then took off for Europe in the early evening. It has been a crazy past two weeks and I can honestly say that being here I can finally see the reality of how drastic my life is about to change. When I return to Las Vegas on March 30th, I will be returning to an empty house with my little sister fixing the last of what I just couldn’t manage to get done. It’ll be so nice to see her after a few months and have her support and help. What is also crazy is that she is my little sister, yet so strong with an amazing heart. She is always the first to want to help someone even when she has so much going on herself. I am so grateful for her and can’t wait to see her.

My last night was strange. I didn’t tell but a handful of people I was quitting. I did not want to have to explain to others why and how come. I saved that information for the ones I truly had a sincere connection with– they were 6. These select few congratulated me on being able to get out of the industry.During my shift nothing bothered me. I knew it was hours then minutes before I´d never have to return. I honestly just want the Gentleman’s club to be in my past along with most the people in the building. It was a learning experience and one I will never forget. I met some very special people here but unfortunately saw more of people for who they truly were. I´ve accepted the things I have no control over and can not change; I look forward to the future and this next chapter in my life. #realstriplife