Last Night at Work

It has been a few days since I worked my last shift at the Stripclub. It feels good but I don’t think that I have even fully processed everything. I worked my last night, went home and packed then took off for Europe in the early evening. It has been a crazy past two weeks and I can honestly say that being here I can finally see the reality of how drastic my life is about to change. When I return to Las Vegas on March 30th, I will be returning to an empty house with my little sister fixing the last of what I just couldn’t manage to get done. It’ll be so nice to see her after a few months and have her support and help. What is also crazy is that she is my little sister, yet so strong with an amazing heart. She is always the first to want to help someone even when she has so much going on herself. I am so grateful for her and can’t wait to see her.

My last night was strange. I didn’t tell but a handful of people I was quitting. I did not want to have to explain to others why and how come. I saved that information for the ones I truly had a sincere connection with– they were 6. These select few congratulated me on being able to get out of the industry.During my shift nothing bothered me. I knew it was hours then minutes before I´d never have to return. I honestly just want the Gentleman’s club to be in my past along with most the people in the building. It was a learning experience and one I will never forget. I met some very special people here but unfortunately saw more of people for who they truly were. I´ve accepted the things I have no control over and can not change; I look forward to the future and this next chapter in my life. #realstriplife


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