I love my iphone. I love all of its features and its user friendly applications. I love the style, text, color; I even like the way it feels in my hand. Being that I travel more often than not, it is extremely useful that on any wifi network my cell phone works well. It is great for calling my friends in Europe and when I am away I can always contact my family and friends back home. However, I never considered how many people would be contacting me after I left the Gentlemans club. I thought I was going to leave Las Vegas with time to reflect and leave it all behind. But I can understand as to why since my absence went without saying but it’s some who surprised me. I feel like it is the ones I did not talk to as much at work or who barely knew me that are the most concerned with my being gone. One girl has text me just about everyday asking how I am and where and what I am going to do. Sometimes I am not even responding and the following day I’ll hear from her again. Its endearing yet strange.

Being in Europe is like my home away from home– living here that short while about 5 years ago was some of the best times of my life. I actually came, apart from visiting friends, because I was going to become a Godmother. I was asked to even be in the room so I could watch my beautiful goddaughter come into the world. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. I boarded my plane in Las Vegas with a text from my friend saying she was going into labor and that I should try and go straight to the hospital. I panicked and knew it would only be hours before she was born. I was anxious the entire flight but felt automatically relieved when I was greeted by my friends brother at the airport. He took me all the way to the hospital with still an hour to spare. I was able to be there for the most horrendous and painful hour of my friends labor with the most beautiful thing to come– seeing my goddaughter come into the world.

 Everything is coming together. Yes, my last few weeks were stressful but with working my last night, getting on the flight right away and making it here for this nothing could be more special to me. It was a miracle I made it and seeing this beautiful baby and having her in my life I feel so blessed. I get to spend a few more days here and I look forward to some cafes, dinners and shopping at a very nice baby store here. I actually want to bring some of it back for someone very special to me. The store just opened in New York and Miami– other than that you can only get the brand in Europe. And you most definitely wont be able to get this precious baby gear in Las Vegas or California… yet. #realstriplife



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