Final Stop


Europe was amazing per usual, but I mean does anyone ever expect anything less when traveling across the pond? Every experience I’ve had in Europe has been so memorable I crave the day I can go back as soon as I return to the states. However, this time the whole trip seems like a complete blur with everything transpiring so fast. When I left I didn’t even have time to change from the clothes I wore on the flight. I went straight to a hotel with my sister, ate dinner at the casino cafe and went to bed. The next morning we drove 10 1/2 long hours to California. I don’t know what I would’ve done without my sister.

Now I am here in California and it feels so incredible. But everything has happened so fast. I played a round of golf yesterday and it finally hit me that the days I have been counting down upon for my move have finally arrived. I was standing at the 6th hole on the top of a mountain looking out at the beautiful view feeling so happy. The day was hot but the California cool wind was something I will always know, love and appreciate. It’s crazy I am finally home. I have finally reached my final stop. #realsriplife


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