San Francsico in May

My good friend in Vegas told me after she stopped working at the Stripclub ( about 5 months before me) she was so busy. She explained how you’d be surprised that after you stop working you still manage to fill your day with so much to do. She has a son so I thought that was the main reason, but now that I am back in California and not working I am so busy. I help with my two young siblings two days a week and every other day I am either catching up my sisters– all my family is here. I have been golfing and yes working on my resume and looking for a job. My mom is also getting married in August so we have so much planning and preparing to do.

It feels great being home. Yesterday I was in San Francisco getting one of my bags fixed. I  returned it to Barney’s who will need to send it to the New York Store. I love going and looking at all the newest bags, shoes and clothes that have come out for the season. After I turned in my bag I went and grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading back home. I love SF, I love the buildings, the architecture and all the people running around in a rush. There’s just something about being home, something safe about it. But I will admit no matter where in the world I am I have that itch, that itch to travel and see something new. #realstriplife


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