Growing Up — Gilroy Gardens, Golf, Garlic and Outlets

I am sitting at a Starbucks in Gilroy, California. I came here this morning to golf at a beautiful Country Club in garlic town. The golf course had great reviews, the country club a delicious restaurant and views worth driving down for. It was a nice day but after I decided to stay and visit the outlets. I also wanted to go pick up a book at the local Barnes and Noble. I enjoyed my day here along with having small memories of my adolescent years come to mind.

My mom had moved my sisters and I out here to Gilroy while we were younger. It was extremely short lived, I believe she only had the house for about a year. But we really learned our way around. I had a job even at a restaurant for a little so I got to know a lot of people. My mom took us frequently to the Gilroy Gardens, back then known as Bonfonte Gardens– we always had a good time. As I got older I started going with my girlfriends to the Gilroy Garlic Festival in the summer; my favorite thing to have believe it or not was the garlic ice cream. Driving down Church street from the country club to Hecker Pass I had my windows rolled down and I could smell the fresh garlic. It brought back so many memories. It made me think of early mornings when we would get up to go to school and the garlic smelled the strongest.

Spending the day in Gilroy I really got a feeling of how fast life is passing by. The memories are so clear and vivid yet I have done so much since then and it feels like forever ago. I have lived in Europe, graduated from college, lived in Las Vegas, became a godmother and now living back in California. So many people wait for life to start that they forget to live. I have tried to do the opposite and be as active as possible doing as much as I can and appreciating all the little things. I think that is why I want to travel so much. I know there are so many places and people, cultures and foods and want to see it all. I want to learn, grow and enjoy everything I can. Las Vegas gave me a lot, the stories I have of the stripclub and people who were in and out of that place are worth going back to. Lets start…. #realstriplife


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