I have an undeniable desire to travel all around the world and see as much as I can. I love culture, food, fashion, writing, learning and of course implementing this all with my travels. I am a college graduate from California who has been living in Las Vegas since 2012. A small job opportunity brought me to this City of Sin shortly after college and I have resided here ever since. Before that I spent most of my time in California with my friends and family– wine tasting in Napa, doing bikram yoga, shopping with sisters, hanging out on the beach and of course traveling at ever opportunity I could afford. Apart from living in California I also lived abroad. Thru this time I was writing/blogging as much as I could. I found a love for this. It’s because of this I decided to start blogging about working and living on the Las Vegas Strip. Like most people who come here I started cocktailing. And this is how the content of my blog started. I am a cocktail waitress in a Gentlemen Club. Probably one of the biggest in the world. Welcome to my life. #realstriplife


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