Just Like High School

 There are countless reasons why the Stripclub can be compared to high school. You have your cliques, class clowns, the kiss ups, the couples, the rich kids, and of course tons of drama! The cliques are somethings I’ve tried not to get involved in. I try to be nice to everyone alike. Come, do my job, and leave with a goal in mind — save save save! Even though I literally only have a few short more shifts it’s still entertaining.

One of the cliques at the club is what we like the call the OGs. They have been in the club or in this particular secular of the industry over 10, 15 and some even 20 years. One of our cage girls was first a stripper for 10 years and when that never grew successful became an employed cage girl. Now at nearly 60 she is still there with her select couple of friends/cocktail ‘supervisors’ — these are what we call the OGs. They bully, steal and at times try to demean the younger, prettier employees. They have never personally offended me, just based on their current situations. Well, there has been times when the cage girl has shorted some of us girls money and was made to pay it back– other than that its pretty simple.

This past week I gave my two weeks notice. I explained about the stealing and how I truly felt I needed to move on. This one particular cage women sat behind the curtain listening to a bit of mine and my managers conversation; one she wished to remain confidential in order to figure out the matter for herself. So now she has been going around telling people I am a rat! I few girls came to me and let me know and told me they would also go to management and defend the stealing. I mean who really likes having their money taken from them? They appreciated that someone finally was brave enough to tell management in the first place. It is a hard situation because you are scared to tell in fear you will get bullied out of your job. But I think, like myself, people are getting tired of leaving everyday shorted money by the ones who are supposed to be leading by example. I just hope whatever job I have next I can always set good examples and that my attitude be good and positive due to a true reflection of my leadership. #realstriplife


Angry Strippers

clear stripper heels

Last night at work was different. Peoples moods were off. Customers were even a bit strange with their off the wall questions and behavior. But, ever since I put my notice in at work, I have felt a sense of relief and not too much will get under my skin. I try to ignore the ignorance and kinda just keep to myself. The drunken comments don’t get to me anymore and the negativity my co-workers bring don’t really phase me. A waitress had made a rude personal comment to me and I could not help but simply think that in a few short shifts I will have rid this place completely, while you will still be here with the same hideous attitude. 
So yes, I can be more tolerable of the surroundings the club may bring but some people will still push you. A dancer last night was sitting at a table with both her feet propped up on our sofa chair. I helpfully asked her to take them down. Before I could even finish my sentence she started cursing at me yelling ‘There is no customer even wanting to sit there’. I tried to explain to her how horrible it looked and how she was representing herself and the establishment by sitting around like she would in the privacy of her own home. She pressed on by screaming at the top of her lungs, appalling things you would say to someone who may have hurt your dear old grandmother, until a host ran over to get between us. I started laughing at her behavior maybe making a silly comment or two, ( I just couldn’t help it) I know I stooped. After the altercation was diffused she ran back over before the host left and screamed in my face ‘Just so you know, my fathers a murdurer’. I looked at our host, laughed and walked away. #realstriplife

Two Weeks Notice


I have ten more days until I leave the country and twenty two more days before my move back to California. It sure is a lot to squeeze into such a short amount of time. But I really am excited; when I put all my stress and nerves aside it’s quite thrilling. The fact that I am going to be around my family again and able to do fun things with my sisters and brothers whenever I want is something to look forward to. Going to get coffee with my mom and grandma or the gym with my dad is all things I have been missing out on these last three years. Even pilates with my stepmom will be so much fun. However,  in regards to work– last night was better than usual. The Bar and Nightclub convention is in town resulting in pretty good clientele. This means a lot of service industry customers which means better tippers. I made decent money for the amount of time I was there. When people are tipping 15, 20 and even 50 dollars a round it really adds up. I was extremely appreciative. Especially with a vacation and a move just around the corner.

Last night at work along with making better money I felt a sense of relief. I officially put in my two weeks notice before my shift started and yes it’s a little late but with the convention in town every manager has been pretty busy. I have a pretty good relationship with my current manager, even though new to us waitresses I have enjoyed the time she has taken over. She was extremely accommodating to my wanting to leave giving me options of things she can do to make my work environment better so I’d reconsider. I kept it short but still informed her that with so much greed going on and the constant harassment by ‘people of power’ I have to move on. I told her I appreciated the opportunity to work there but California was the next chapter in my life. I only have 5 more shifts, to think about that is crazy. But I am very hopeful they will be worthwhile shifts. With March Madness in town I can only hope and be positive of this. On my last day of work I take off for Europe. I am going to be exhausted and excited! I can not wait. #realstriplife

California Dreamin

All I can think about is California. Actually on my last few nights off two of my girlfriends and I decided to do a last minute road trip to California before I move. It was beautiful; we spent time in Huntington Beach, Anaheim and Hollywood. The girl time was like always nice, but it made me sad to think that I wont be seeing them nearly as much after my move. We decided to plan a trip out of the country for this year as well as make drives back down to Southern California for girls weekends. I can not wait for these weekend meetings.

Last night at work was different. They had me in a completely different section which also allowed me to roam around the club a lot more. I ran into some old friends from San Francisco who own a recording studio. I have not seem them for at least 8 years! It was nice to hear that the studio is still doing great. And it was honestly felt good to see some familiar faces from back home. There were a couple of dancers with them the whole evening and when it was their turn to go on stage they asked me to throw some ones for them onto the stage. They didn’t want to “loose their table”. But honestly, after working in the strip club for so long I have never done that– thrown money. I told them I would so they gave me 300 in singles to make it rain. I actually liked the strippers that where on stage so I didn’t mind at all. We all laughed and had fun with it. So work turned into an okay night hanging out with old friends. But I can assure you, after my return back to California I will definitely not be throwing any money! Only in Vegas 🙂 #realstriplife


It is officially March, my last month in Las Vegas. However, if you want to get technical I have 2 weeks left in Las Vegas because the last two I’ll be traveling back to Europe to become a Godmother!! This is the first time I have been asked to be someones Godmother and I couldn’t be happier. I am so excited to take on that role and be the special person in someones life. But for the next two weeks it’s really crunch time. I have so much to do in such a small amount of time. Plus my emotions are everywhere. I feel stressed, nervous and excited all at once. I do have a good life here. I make decent money and the lifestyle of traveling whenever I please is something I’ve always wanted. It is scary to leave that. But I do realize I need to start getting serious and really push for having a good career that offers longevity instead of this standstill Gentleman’s Club I have been at. The clubs business continues to go down and the way our employees are conducting themselves is almost funny at this point. No one cares about the betterment of the club, they care more about how they can help themselves. Even the dancers are getting fed up because they aren’t making the same amount of money anymore.

Last night at work I had a couple in one of my booths. The husband wanted the dancer to dance for his wife while he pleasured himself; it was probably going to be the closest thing to a threesome he will ever be. He was warned about this behavior and told to stop. The dancer didn’t like it at all and was shocked he was just warned. After he continued to do it she decided to stop with her time and leave the hosts to deal with it. They handled it minutely because the customer was tipping them. The dancer out of frustration left claiming she was going to start dancing somewhere else. Without the dancers we have no business at all. They bring the customers, we only supply the drinks. The hosts in return should provide a comfortable environment for employees, customers and dancers all alike. It’s crazy how money hungry and greedy people are. This city really brings out the worst in some people. Lets see what tonight brings. #realstriplife


I have had the last couple of nights off and it has been so nice. I’ve had time to start getting my house situated as well as start going thru and getting rid of things. It also has given me a couple of days to polish up my golf swing. I recently became introduced to golf this past November. I have been chipping, putting and hitting balls at the range. When I played my first game late October I fell in love with the game and all of its fundamentals. After a long weekend at work it’s also such a nice way to relax and reflect. It is so calming and with so many options for beautiful courses in Las Vegas you could never go wrong. I’ve played at Aliante, Durango Hills, Los Prados (my favorite), Cloud Nine, Eagle Crest and so many more. I know with my move to California there will be countless options, including Pebble Beach ( I wish), but I have to admit the course I have fallen in love with the past few months will definitely be missed.

Along with the actual game of golf, the golf style is extremely fun. From the shoes to the skirts and the hats to the golfer glove I love it all. There is a total new fashion sense one must learn when piecing together the perfect outfit. For women it can be so sexy and in my opinion can a man just dress ‘golf’ everyday!? It presents such a classy and sophisticated look. Most of my stuff is Nike and from the PGA golf store online. However, I did purchase Addidas golf shoes online. They were a perfect combination of the old classic golf shoe and what my style preference is– black and white. But tonight it’s back to work. I can’t wait for my next days off. #realstriplife

Counting Down and Busy Months

 I have a litte over 5 weeks left of working in the Gentlemans Club. It’s going by fast but at the same time slow. One of my closest friends just recently quit. She grew tired of all the horrible things that go on there. After 5 years she wasn’t treated any better than a waitress that would have been there for 2 weeks when she made this decision; a decision made on behalf of the way she’s been treated. When she walked out on her last day I wished so much that could of been me at that very moment– 5 more weeks.

January and February are full of conventions and of course the Superbowl. A lot of girls come from out of town to work. It’s crazy how starting the busier months you see the quality of dancers go up a bit. I met a dancer who was doing private time in one of my booths. She was from Dallas. She says she dancers there on the weekends but the money is a lot better in Las Vegas during convention season. She makes such a drastic difference in money that it is worth it for her to fly out for a couple days out of the week to work. She says she likes dancing in Dallas more but that risk of seeing someone she knows is less in Las Vegas. She is a preschool teacher in Dallas. She was so sweet and sexy at the same time, I can’t imagine what the dads at the day care would do if they fount out what this sweet women does on the weekends. I’m sure they would be taking the first flight out to Las Vegas.

Thats the thing that is so crazy, when you see the strippers leaving the club after a night of work some dress so sophisticated, classy and even conservative it’s hard to imagine what they do by night. Some leave and go on to lead the most normal lives. With day jobs, kids and even families that will never had any idea what they do by night. #realstriplife